St Francis 2nd XV The Friars saw their season end with a tough loss…

St Francis Friars524 Heathfield/ Waldrom 3

St Francis 2nd XV The Friars saw their season end with a tough loss away to Heathfield & Waldron 2s - a side who have done incredibly well in their league having only lost a couple of their fixtures.

It was a fast paced and aggressive game heightened with the hot temperatures the weekend brought- the Friars losing by 24-5.

With the away side scoring in the first ten minutes the Friars felt the full force of this successful side and was to slow to adapt to the pace their opponents brought. When another couple of tries it seemed that their opponents were going to run away with the game only for the Saint’s to finally wake up in the second half.

In fact their opposition failed to score any points in the next 40 minutes which shows how much the Friars had raised their game putting a defiant display with their defence and another sign of their never-say-die attitude that they have brought this season.

“The side has had an incredibly progressive season having represented for all their games and even getting themselves into the Salver Cup Final - this is coming from a side who couldn’t even be fielded last season due to lack of players”, Captain Minnis said of the side. “The influx and interest of new players has been especially great this season”.

“The season has been a successful one rebooting the 2nd XV and our aims are to finish higher in the league for the next season seems easy enough to achieve!”

Next up the St Francis 1st XV look to take on Shoreham in their final test of the season - success from the Saints would leave them third in the league table which is another fantastic comeback for the club!

St Francis RFC are already recruiting for next season so if you would like to be involved then please get in touch their website or Facebook page!

Team: Eastman / Parsons.A / Etherington / Crawley / Peacocke / Wiseman / Hand / Veaney / Searle / Parsons.E / Poole / Minnis (Capt)/ Logan / Powell / Schultz/ Lampost/ Bruce

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