Away win for the Ladies

Streatham-Croydon1024 St Francis

St Francis ladies 24-10 victory against Streatham and Croydon show that
they’ve discovered the power of teamwork at just the right time.

St Francis ladies faced old rivals Streatham and Croydon away on Sunday and pulled off a superb show of teamwork to win their second game of the season,
making it two wins from two for the newly promoted ladies side. For the
majority of the match, Saints held the possession and took the ball to Streatham
and Croydon who were unable to deal with the steadfast hands and support play
from the visiting side. Time after time Searle controlled the back of the rucks to
maximum effect, ensuring that both forwards and backs were driving in tandem
up the pitch.

After a sustained period of effort from every single player on the St Francis team
the ladies were rewarded with Searle diving over the line for the first try of the
match. Learning from the mistakes made in their previous match the ladies
played clever rugby throughout, capitalizing on Streatham and Croydon’s lack of
discipline at the breakdown and kicking in to touch to gain precious ground.
The tight play from St Francis meant that Streatham and Croydon were unable to
utilize their back line and found themselves caught up in a dominating display of
rucking from Saints forwards and backs. Encouraging evidence of intelligence
and composure was also evident with continual communication, and clear
decisive running, ensuring that the dominating forwards could take the ball over
the line for the second try of the match.

The start of the second half saw Streatham and Croydon begin strongly utilizing
the speed and power of a number eight who penetrated through the tired legs of
the visiting side. Not to be outdone, St Francis forwards answered in kind,
running with pace and into clear pockets of space to ensure that the home team
was kept at bay. The momentum seemed to stay with Streatham and Croydon
however, and they capitalized on a fantastic backs move to reduce the points
difference. Answering to Streatham and Croydon’s backs, the Saints backs
decided to show their own flair, with the backline producing one of their best
moves of the season to end with a well deserved try from Shackel. St Francis
remained resolute throughout, showing excellent teamwork and utilising the
strengths on the team. The home team was able to put one last try on the visiting
side with a well-timed run through the back line. The impetus however remained
with St Francis and quickly resulted in another forward based try that was
converted by Lewis.

Having been narrowly defeated on two occasions last season by Streatham and
Croydon, St Francis ladies packed a punch to ensure that justice was served, and
the tables were turned, on what has become a brightly burning rivalry. Ladies
head coach Anthony Morgan will want to see the teamwork and effort rate
continue as the season moves forward and the Saints face even tougher
challenges ahead.

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