The Story of the Goodayle, the Pique and Rebecca Adlington

St Francis4410 East Grinstead 2's

Pitch 1 saw St Francis entertain East Grinstead 2’s. The visitors started the game strongly and nearly took the lead only to be held up on the line by St Francis defence, this sprung St Francis into gear.

Chris Goodayle opened the scoring for the Saints, after running a superb line at an incredible pace. (Let’s hope he doesn’t finish that quickly in the bedroom).  

St Francis then doubled their lead when David Callan crossed over for a simply lovely try – St Francis would like to thank David Callan as in every game this season he has been carrying the team.

St Francis could have scored the try of the season straight from kick off as Chris Goodayle took the Saints kick off; he then off loaded to Crawley who was then held up on the line, if only the twat had passed the ball to on rushing Hugh McGuiness-Peacocke.

Nevertheless Jizzbeard-Pique went over a minute later after excellent work from the St Francis backs. Crawley then made amends from his mistake with a try a minute later.

Jizzbeard-Pique then scored his second of the try after a dazzling run, not bad for an Emre-can lookalike. St Francis followed with another try when Jack ‘Rebecca Adlington’ Norrie went over, crashing through from a couple of metres out.

East Grinstead then replied a try of their own. St Francis responded with a well worked try from Searle yet East Grinstead showed their resilience as they then went over for their second try.

St Francis finished with a well worked try - Ben Poole going down to finish the score 44 – 10 for St Francis. Poole has shown this season how much off an expert he is going down, bloody good work sir!

Peacocke-McGuiness, McGahan, Boyer, Williamson, Devlin, Crawley, Lamppost, Callan, Searle, McShane, Goodayle, Bruce Pique-Can, Kember, Poole, Ellis, Matthews, Norrie

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