Saints smash Rye in their penultimate match of the season

St Francis7145 Rye

St Francis’ 1st XV had a storming day out in Southgate this past weekend with a huge win against Rye 71-45!

Tries: Wessels (4) Goodayle (2) Bruce (2) Searle (2) Lamclough (1) Vearney (1) Schultz (1)
Conversions: Wessels (3)

With only one game left of the season the Saints were intent of making a big statement before their final showdown with Shoreham which could see the Saints finishing in the top three of the league.

Only a year ago the very same team were fighting to stay in the league by not getting relegated so it has been a radical change in the club’s side to be in this position at the business end of the season.

Saints started the match with a barrage of tries from the backs with practically the whole backline scoring!

Wessels was electric with a huge performance and bagging himself four tries! Along with Wessels this season’s newcomers Goodayle and Vearney also scored to keep the tally up.

At half time the score was 45-12 leaving Rye on the ropes but didn’t stop them from fighting back in the second half and capitlising on a 14 man Saints after Pique was injured and taken off the pitch with a head injury.

Further tries from Searle and Bruce, who have been fantstic to have back with St Francis this season, helped keep the Saints in the lead despite Rye’s resurgence and captilisibg on the Saint’s being a man down.

Next week sees the St Francis 2nd XV The Friars take on Crawley 3s as they take on their penultimate match of what had been a success season with the team’s resurgence.


Team: Paul Sparkes / Adie Parsons / Steve Etherington / Mark Devlin / Al Ellis / Brian Lamclough / Steven Hand / Jack Vearney / Ben Searle / Chris Goodayle / Tom Bruce / Adam Pique / Warren Schulze / Richardt Wessels / Ellis Parsons

Subs: Mark Graves / Mark Eastman / Richard Powell

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