St Francis205 Worthing Azurians

Tries: McGahan, Bruce, Callan, Morgan

St Francis returned to winning ways this weekend with a well fought 20 – 5 against Worthing Azurians in difficulty windy conditions.

The home side started perfectly after excellent work by the forwards saw Liam 'Troys' McGahan go down from a meter out to give St Francis a 5-0 lead, McGahan is what you could say an expert in going down, as we are sure he was going to do the same action later that evening via the kebab shop.

The Azurians then responded with a try of their own as they mauled over to bring the scores level at 5-5.

The score did not remain level for long as Thomas ‘I came in like a wrecking ball’ Bruce went over to regain the lead for St Francis.  

The game then paused as one of the Worthing Players was knocked  unconscious after a nasty collision of heads. Everyone at St Francis is pleased to hear the player left A&E in one piece that evening, and headed straight for the curry house. We  wish him a speedy recovery.  St Francis RFC would also like to thank SECAMB for their timely response and professionalism.

After the game was resumed on the second pitch, St Francis added their third try as Dave Callan blinded over to give St Francis a simply lovely 15 – 5 lead at half time. It is testament to Callan as he is always “carrying the team”.

The second half was not one for the neutral as the windy conditions were continuing to have an effect on the game. Nevertheless St Francis defended resiliently as they did not concede a point in the half.

They finished off the game  (something Barron hasn’t been doing during his fresher’s week) as Ant-Man Morgan went over from a clever quick tap and go, to cap off a man of the match performance and end the game 20 - 5 to St Francis.

Lamppost I, Lamppost II, Sparkes , Devlin, Crawley, McGahan, Lamppost III, Callan, Searle, McShane, Schultz, Bruce, Morgan, Poole, Goodayle, Peacocke, Barron, Ellis, Matthews, Aydin

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